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When you come to BRC Family Hearing Solutions you will be greeted by our happy and friendly front office staff. 

There is a small amount intake paperwork, so arriving a few minutes early is encouraged. Once you have 

completed the intake forms an Audiologist will lead you and your family to the evaluation room. 

Hearing Evaluations 

Hearing evaluations allow the audiologist to measure and identify hearing disorders. Evaluations can be

completed in several ways, depending on the age of the patient. The most common evaluation involves

voluntary responses provided by the patient when they hear a tone. If the patient is an infant, and unable to

provide voluntary responses, audiologists rely on brainstem responses.  

evaluating the Hearing of Infants 

Since infants are not able to communicate to the audiologist that they are hearing a tone, the audiologist

records and interprets the brain waves generated when a stimulus is presented. This type of evaluation

is called an Auditory Brainstem Response or ABR. For this evaluation sensors are placed on four places of

the infant's head.  Then a sound is played into the infant's ears. The sensors record the infant's 

automatic response to the sound. This test is best completed with the infant sleeping & takes about 2 hours 

to complete. 

Evaluating the hearing of young School aged Children

Once a child is able to respond to a sound on their own evaluations are completed in the sound booth. For 

younger children a "listening game" is created to encourage them to respond to the tones when they hear

them. This evaluation can take up to an 30-45 minuts to complete. 

evaluating the hearing of adults 

Evaluating the hearing of an adult is also completed in the soundbooth. The audiologist presents tones to 

the patient who is wearing headphones. This allows the audiologist to determine the type and degree of 

hearing loss a patient has. The patient is also asked to listen to a list of words to determine how well they 

are understanding speech. This evaluation takes about 30-45 minutesto complete. 

 hearing Aid fittings and SERVICES

If it has been determined that a patient would benefit from hearing aids, a discussion is started about their

lifestyle and how hearing aids would benefit them. The different styles of hearing aids and their various

features are outlined. Based on this discussion the patient and audiologist decide what hearing aid would best 

fit the patient's needs, lifestyle, and budget. 

Hearing aid repair and other services are also provided at BRC Family Hearing Solutions. 

Custom Ear Products 

BRC Family Hearing Solutions provides a wide range of custom made ear products to their patients. These products

range anywhere from  basis custom swim plugs to advanced customdigital hunter plugs. 


ENG, or electronystagmogram, measures eye movements to determine how well the inner ear, eyes, and brain 

are working together to maintain balance. This evaluation consists of three main parts. The first section involves

following lights with your eyes. The second involves being placed into various positions. The last part involves 

both warm and cool air being placed into your ears. This test usually takes about 2 hours and requires some 

at home prep. 


BRC Family Hearing Solutions has a wide stock of hearing aid batteries available for purchase by a card of 4 or a 

box of 40. We also have a battery recycling bin available in our lobby for used batteries. By recycling batteries we 

are able to protect the environment from toxins.