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BRC Family Hearing Solutions

When you come to BRC Family Hearing Solutions you will be greeted by our happy and friendly front office staff. We provide hearing services to all ages, including hearing tests, hearing aid sales and service, noise and water protection, etc.

About Us

Experiencing Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is a progressive condition that worsens over time. Symptoms appear so gradually, you may be completely unaware you are missing out until it is too late.

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Considering Hearing Aids?

Today’s devices are smaller and more powerful than ever. They include many state-of-the-art features designed to improve comfort, convenience and clarity.

Explore Hearing Aids

Time for a new hearing device?

Hearing aid technology has improved drastically over the past couple of years. New devices are better at providing clear sound than ever before.

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Our Locations

Green River
Office Hours:
Mon-Thur: 9am-5pm
Fri: 9am-1pm
Office Hours:
Mon: 9am-4pm
Wed: 10am-3pm

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